About Yora

Yora is a mobile app that brings the best of arcade/amusement games to your

Endless choices at the tip of your fingers because we want arcade gaming to be fun and accessible for everyone.

Our virtual arcade offers a variety of merchandise from popular anime series such as Pokemon, One Piece and many more; We are always updating our list to incorporate what our customers want and love!


  • Virtual Arcade

    Experience the arcade from anywhere. All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection.

  • Skip The Queue

    Avoid the crowd and play on any machine. It does not matter what toys are on display!

  • Collect Tickets

    Whenever you catch a toy, you will be presented with Tickets. Collect these Tickets to exchange for a toy of your choice!

  • Endless Choices

    Collect Tickets and Exchange them for your desired items. Add them to your collection. You can even Exchange the items in your collection back to Tickets if they have not been shipped yet!

  • Free Shipping

    We ship items worldwide and for FREE!

How to Play

Top Up Funds

Catch To Win Tickets

Redeem Prizes

Deliver Your Prizes


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